Revisiting the De-funding Amendments

The Continuing Resolution passed by the House of Representatives last week included several hundred amendments, but many of the most contentious were saved for de-funding the Affordable Care Act.  Here is a summary of all the health care related de-funding amendments included in the House version of the CR, the Senate will take up their own continuing resolution next week.


“For example, by a vote of 246-182, the House adopted an amendment by Rep. JoAnn Emerson (R-MO) that would bar the IRS from implementing or enforcing the portion of the law that requires nearly every American to have health insurance starting in the year 2014. That was the high water mark for Democratic support, at eight.

The House also adopted an amendment, 241-185, by Rep. Tom Price (R-GA) that would block funding for rules that require insurers to spend a minimum percentage of their premium revenues on medical care. The so-called “medical loss ratio” rules are in effect as of this year.

Two other Republicans sought to make it more difficult for the federal government to build the infrastructure the law needs to expand insurance coverage starting in 2014. By a vote of 241-184 members adopted an amendment offered by Rep. Cory Gardner (R-CO) to bar funding for creation of state health insurance exchanges, while they voted 239-183 for an amendment offered by Health Subcommittee Chairman Joe Pitts (R-PA) to block funding of rules defining “essential benefits” all health plans must include.”  More

HHS is still working through the “essential benefits” package and the insurance exchanges, so defunding these programs, in addition to defunding the staffing for implementation could effectively cripple the several of the key provisions of the Affordable Care Act before they are scheduled to rollout in 2014.

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