OPGA Announces Bi-Partisan Support of HR 1958 from Iowa Delegation

OPGA is proud to announce that Congressman Tom Latham (R-Ia.) and Congressman Bruce Braley (D-Ia.) have agreed to support HR 1958, the Medicare Orthotics and Prosthetics Improvement Act of 2011.

The Medicare Orthotics and Prosthetics Improvement Act instructs CMS to enforce an existing policy of only reimbursing licensed, or otherwise credentialed, orthotics and prosthetics professionals for Medicare reimbursements.  The legislation would also ensure that O&P services link practitioner qualifications with the type of care and level of complexity of the device being provided to the patient.  A private study suggests that HR 1958 will save more than $250million over five years by eliminating fraud and abuse within the system by non-credentialed providers.

Ryan Ball, OPGA Government Relations, met with both Congressman Latham and Braley at the AOPA Policy Forum in April to discuss the O&P Medicare Improvement bill and other priorities of the orthotics and prosthetics profession.  OPGA President Dennis Clark and Ball were also able to discuss HR 1958 with Congressmen Latham and Braley at an event hosted by OPGA parent company, The VGM Group, earlier this month in Waterloo, Iowa.

OPGA President Dennis Clark voiced his appreciation for the bipartisan support of Iowa’s congressional delegation for orthotics and prosthetics professionals across the country

“The O&P Improvement Act is important to the future of our profession; only when we can guarantee qualified providers can we continue to provide high quality care to our patients and maintain our status within the health care industry.”

Clark went on to say that we need to keep the heat on congress to sustain our current momentum and create lasting relationships that will pay dividends as we navigate a turbulent time in health care policy.

“We need to keep the momentum moving forward on HR 1958. Contact Ryan Ball with OPGA Government Relations with any questions you have on the legislation, or for help contacting your local congressperson.  Ryan is a great resource for OPGA members to use in navigating the legislative process and can help put you in touch with health care focused staff members.”

Want to contact your local congressperson?  Contact OPGA Government Relations, we can help you navigate the process and put you in touch with the proper staff members to make your case for our industry.

AOPA also has a great web application to contact your elected officials. 

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