Pennsylvania Passes O&P Licensure

Pennsylvania Governor Tom Corbett recently signed a bill into law that provides for the licensure of orthotists, prosthetists and pedorthists, making Pennsylvania the 16th state in the country to achieve statewide O&P licensure and the second state in 2012 to accomplish the important goal for the O&P profession moving forward.  Below is the release from the Pennsylvania Orthotic and Prosthetic Society (POPS), who were involved on the front lines of this fight for the past several years.

HARRISBURG, Pa. – July 6 – The Pennsylvania Orthotic and Prosthetic Society (POPS) announced that on July 5 Gov. Tom Corbett signed into law HB48 (the POPS Bill), which licenses orthotists, prosthetists, and pedorthists in the state of Pennsylvania. Under the leadership of Eileen Levis, POPS President, Randy Stevens, Director of Government Affairs, and The Ridge Policy Group, POPS has championed licensure for several years.

 “The passage of this bill helps to ensure quality orthotic, prosthetic, and pedorthic care for citizens of the Commonwealth. It validates the healthcare professionals providing that care and provides for a higher level of accountability,” Levis said. “We thank the House, Senate, Gov. Tom Corbett and Rep. Mario Scavello for their commitment to this important effort.”

Text of the legislation can be found HERE

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