CMS to Host Forum on Electronic Template for Lower Limb Prosthetics TODAY

Today @ 2:00 PM, CMS will host a forum with physicians, prosthetists and other industry stakeholders to begin the process of developing an electronic template for lower limb prosthetic claims for Medicare beneficiaries.

The program is designed to improve physician understanding of medical documentation requirements to support the order for lower limb prostheses for Medicare. CMS has been working on developing an electronic clinical template to assist providers with data collection and medical documentation. The templates could also apply to electronic submission of medical documentation by describing the data points that CMS believes are necessary under current billing documentation requirements for lower limb prosthetics. The templates could contribute to CMS applying a uniform standard on requirements to be completed by physicians prior to a prosthetist billing.

The forum will be held on May 28th at 2pm (TODAY). To participate in the forum, call (800) 837-1935, ID number is 75391152. You can view the proposed document here. Comments on the document can be sent to

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