CMS Holds Second Forum on Clinical Template for O&P

The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) last week held the second in a series of open door forums designed to bring orthotic and prosthetic stakeholders together in hopes of formulating a clinical template for physicians to use when documenting orthotic and prosthetic claims. However, at the beginning of the forum CMS sought to emphasize that the template for physicians would only be used for certain types of claims and will not provide all necessary requirements to satisfy physician documentation obligations.

Several national O&P organizations, including OPGA, and providers from across the country participated in the forum. Many stressed that while supportive of the concept of a clinical template for O&P, the O&P profession does not want to end up with an overly burdensome, long template for physicians to fill out for two primary reasons.  1. Physicians will undoubtedly feel filling out the template satisfies all of their documentation needs, and 2. that a template system will leave providers hanging out to dry if/when CMS contracted recovery audit contractors look back at the claims in the future.

CMS announced the third forum in their electronic clinical template for lower limb prosthesis series is scheduled for Sept. 11 at 4 p.m. EST.

CMS is still soliciting comments from orthotic and prosthetic providers and stakeholders. Comments/Questions can be submitted to

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